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Tomb Penguin

Tomb Penguin

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Number of players: 2-5 people
Suitable age: 8 years and above
Game time: about 40 minutes
Game Design: Marcel-André Casasola Merkle
Language version: Chinese

After hearing the legend of the Penguin Pharaoh's Pyramid, four brave penguins met and set out to find this mysterious treasure.
After months of searching, the penguin adventurers found clues in the abandoned elementary school!
Find a secret door under the cover of dust and pass through a long secret passage to a huge underground cave.
In the center of the cave stands the legendary tomb of the Penguin Pharaoh. When the penguins stepped into the entrance of the tomb, the door closed behind them with a "bang!"
Huge echoes continued to reverberate in the dark hall. When everything finally returned to silence, a strange voice slowly became clear...
This unsettling sound came from the shadows in the distance, and then a loud roar broke out from the darkness...
"Bold thief, although I am old, I still have the power to imprison you in my coffin and tomb forever!"

Oh my God! The mummy has awakened from its slumber, and now the treasure-hunting penguin has to hurry up!
Only by collecting the correct treasures can you break the mummy's curse and escape from the ancient tomb with the most treasures!

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