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bunbun bowling head【bunbun bowling head】Japanese version

bunbun bowling head【bunbun bowling head】Japanese version

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Feng! Feng! Swing the ball! Aim for strike!

too hot! (laugh)
An action game that makes you smile naturally by moving your body.
We all know the bowling theme.

The Bumben bowling head is causing a stir on international video publishing sites.
Use your "head" to bowl!

There are 4 red and blue bowling pins among various small and large bowling pins.
In small orders, we arrange them vertically to 19.7 inches (50 cm).
Place the headband with the ball on your head and stand on the small side of the bowling pin.
Bend forward from your waist and gently shake your head to one side, the ball at the tip moving like a pendulum.
After that, the players quickly knock down 4 pins according to the starting signal.
Games for family, friends, fun and other sporting activities.

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