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[Reference Book] Happiness through Play: Positive Psychological Helping Model of Six-Colored Building Blocks and Play Boxes

[Reference Book] Happiness through Play: Positive Psychological Helping Model of Six-Colored Building Blocks and Play Boxes

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Martin. Dr. Seligman's PERMA happiness model is an important basis for the positive psychological helping model. In recent years, in the practice of positive psychological assistance, the concept of mind-body connection has begun to be included, the importance of physical health in promoting happiness has been emphasized, and the six-dimensional happiness model has been promoted.
The book Playful Happiness is based on the positive psychology PERMAV (Positive Emotions, Engagement, Positive Interpersonal Relationships, Meaning, Achievement and Vitality) happiness model as its core structure. In this book, the concept of fun is particularly highlighted. Chinese positive psychologist Dr. Yue Xiaodong advocates the concept of five blessings of happiness, among which "playing blessings" is what this book calls fun. Having fun is one of the core abilities advocated by positive psychology. This book uses the Six Bricks & Play Box developed in South Africa as a way to practice fun. The six-color building blocks and play box are a set of playful learning concepts that demonstrate the characteristics of play and actively promote the development of the whole person.
The two authors of this book follow many important theories or concepts of positive psychology, including strengths perspective, playful mind, positive emotion expansion and establishment theory, flow, strengths, perseverance, resilience, etc. With the perspective of whole-person development and the context of playful learning characteristics, it has evolved and matured into a psychological helping model that is different from the traditional counseling school in the past, and constructed a sense of playful well-being. Play and Happiness integrates the play system of six-color building blocks and play boxes and PERMAV's positive psychological intervention model. It uses six-color building blocks and play boxes to promote the play process and deepen people's strengths and happiness.
In this book, it explains the theory and research, practical structure and practice of Wan happiness, adapted examples and practical exercises, and explains the helping concept and intervention type of Wan happiness in a simple and easy-to-understand way. The publication of this book provides a new approach to helping others through fun and concrete practice of the happiness theory in positive psychology. I sincerely hope that this book can bring people more happiness and completeness.
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