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【Board Game】Point Salad

【Board Game】Point Salad

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In a game, it is not uncommon to have more than one scoring method, even three or five. Because this "multiple routes to score" game winning method is too free, board game players jokingly call this mechanism "Fractional salad" means you can get whatever you want, just like making a salad.

A game designer very intentionally not only designed a game with a "Point Salad" mechanism, but also amplified the mechanism ten to twenty times, turning it into "108 ways to score." It is "Point Salad" ! There are a total of 108 game cards in the game. The back of each card represents a method of calculating scores. The front is a variety of vegetables. Players can choose the scoring method and collect the vegetables used for scoring.

Make your own salad plate, pick your own vegetables, each game is uniquely designed!

An unimaginable competition for vegetable supremacy, with more than a hundred scoring methods and ever-changing strategies. Who can match the most delicious salad combination in the ever-changing vegetable market?

Number of players: 2-6 people
Suitable age: 13 years old or above
Game time: 15-30 minutes

108 double-sided cards
Game manual

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