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【Board Game】Pig Council Animocrazy

【Board Game】Pig Council Animocrazy

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Looking at a large bag of juice candies in front of them, the greedy pig friends and dog friends clamored to share some. At first, everyone agreed on the quantity, but as soon as they turned around, there were many different opinions and opinions. The pig said: "If you weigh more than 10 kilograms, you can get an extra candy!" The dog said: "Those who oversleep will be punished with a candy!" In order to calm down the chattering debate, they finally decided to set up an animal assembly and act as animal "members". "Discuss the motion and decide the rules by voting. Who can get the most coveted candy in this voting game?

Number of players: 4-10 people
Game time: 30 minutes
Suitable age: 10 years and above

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