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Karuba (children's version)

Karuba (children's version)

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Number of players: 1-4 people
Suitable age: 4 years old and above
Game time: about 5-10 minutes
Game Design: Rüdiger Dorn, Tim Rogasch
Language version: Chinese

Suitable for 1 to 4 people, a cooperative building adventure game designed for children aged 4 to 8 years old.

Have you ever heard of a mysterious island called "Karuba"?
It is said that there is a treasure chest filled with gold and gems hidden deep in the jungle on the island, attracting three explorers to hunt for it.

In the jungle of Karuba Island, these three explorers embark on a treasure hunting adventure. Can you help them find all the treasures?
careful! When a ferocious tiger appears in the jungle and blocks the way, try not to let it block your treasure hunting path!
Notice! Time is running out! The mast of the pirate ship has appeared on the sea level, and pirates have come to snatch these treasures~
Try to open the way to all the treasures and find these three mysterious treasure chests before the pirate ship docks!

In the game, you and other players belong to the same expedition team. When you win, all players share the victory; if you fail, all players lose together.
During the process, players must help each other, discuss next actions with each other, and remind their partners how to put together the boards to achieve good fortune and avoid disaster.

Through teamwork, skillful play, and a little bit of luck, you can achieve your goals ahead of the pirates.
Listen up! "Cooperation" is your way to win against the vicious pirates!

28 boards
1 set of game boards (including 2 picture boards)
3 explorers
1 pirate ship
1 instruction manual

* Rules in Chinese contains Chinese instructions

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