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【STEM Toys】Children’s Science STEAM Series 03: Super Engineer

【STEM Toys】Children’s Science STEAM Series 03: Super Engineer

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Learn engineers’ systematic thinking concepts from the building block class,
Apply knowledge to plan and solve real-life problems,
Build blocks to unlock the scientific code of the Century Bridge and skyscrapers.

"Children's Science STEAM Series" uses science (S), technology (T), engineering (E), art (A), and mathematics (M), combined with collaborative self-made Chihiko building blocks, to provide feedback through knowledge application and inquiry. Flip one-way learning to create a new generation learning method exclusive for Taiwanese primary school students.

"Children's Science STEAM Series 03: Super Engineer" is based on the theme of "Learning from Engineers". Different from scientists who are good at exploration and discovery, engineers are better at planning solutions and creating according to needs and applying knowledge in real situations. Through systematic building block practical lessons, children can collect data and analyze problems like engineers, and continuously Improve the test and plan flexible and independent learning rules.

This set of products is a STEAM learning manual designed by Chen Peiyang, a teacher at Taichung Shangshi Elementary School who is the winner of the Teacher Award. The manual combines his years of practical experience in building block classroom teaching, starting from the introduction of the historical context and scientific knowledge of the Century Bridge and skyscrapers, and through various building block experimental classes, introduces the systematic thinking of the engineer module, and leads the children to focus on Implement special topics to learn how to collect and analyze data to plan test plans and construct reliable and efficient learning strategies.

The product includes a set of engineering building blocks and a STEAM learning manual:
. There are 323 building blocks, which can be combined into 9 basic bridge and house models and 16 engineering models. And can be perfectly combined with Chicco building block series and other products
. The 64-page study manual includes understanding the historical evolution and engineering knowledge of bridges, as well as diversified building block experimental lessons to solve problems one by one from shallow to deep. Relearn knowledge and find out your own interests through practical applications and feedback mechanisms.

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