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Very character talent and trait card

Very character talent and trait card

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The "Very Character Talent and Trait Card" created by Teacher Yingjun was published in May 2015. In the past two years, Teacher Yingjun has used the Very Character Talent and Trait Card to lead dozens of workshops and studies, and integrated various systems to use it. (Mayan Calendar, Archetypes, Tarot...etc.), it is widely loved by all parties and is widely used in the corporate world, major career institutions, employment centers, schools, etc., and is frequently used in career planning, employment services, self-service, etc. Exploration, relationship exploration, talent potential exploration and many other themes, these are the most concerned parts of our lives. It allows users to better understand different aspects of themselves through the understanding of character traits, and truly unleash their inner potential!

▲In December 2017, a new version of the character talent trait card was launched.

Since the first edition of 2,000 sets of character talent and trait cards is almost sold out, Zuoxi will re-release it at the end of 2017! ! This time it is not just a second brush, but also adjustments and corrections have been made to the outer packaging, layout and content. Next, let Little Angel Zuoxi introduce to you in detail the differences of the newly reprinted character talent and trait cards!

▲New layout of character talent and trait cards

[About the character talent and trait cards]

Teacher Yingjun combines the concept of archetypal roles of Carl Jung and Dr. Caroline, adding that everyone is born with different ways of using the senses, and the concept of personal totem archetypes of the Mayan calendar, giving full play to inspiring talents and consulting expertise. , integrating 78 brand new "very character" talent and trait cards. By using Marcus's talent for drawing and creation to participate in the creation, each character is brought to life and each archetype in our lives is truly presented. Each character has a characteristic description: "I have ___ talents and traits." Therefore, "Very Role: Talent Trait Card" was created to help everyone find their own natural strengths and experience the potential hidden in different roles, so that talents can be encouraged, stimulated and seen. Through the combination of images and text, self-awareness and dialogue, you can meet your own expertise, innate strengths, develop your own talents and strength, and stand on your own stage! These gifted characters are like guardian angels. When we can feel our own characteristics and discover their existence, we can better understand the love given by God, which is like a gift that leads every life to its original path.

In the instruction manual, Teacher Yingjun provides: eight different usage methods + 78 character introductions + Maya totem prototype introduction, making it easy for users to get started. This set of cards is suitable for use in the process of "career consultation, career guidance, self-exploration, talent and potential development". Whether it is done individually or in a group, we help everyone understand their archetypal nature better and the role they can play more clearly.

▲Very character talent and trait card back

2017 revised content of character talent and trait cards
Cards: The corresponding Mayan totems and short descriptions of the characters have been added to the cards, and the layout design has also been changed!
This design should be familiar to friends who have taken teacher Yingjun’s courses! The combination of Mayan totem prototypes and character prototypes has always been a very important part of the teacher's Mayan calendar course. In fact, as early as the first edition of the manual, there is a complete introduction to the Mayan totem prototypes. In the second edition, the teacher List the Maya totems directly on the card, allowing users to operate more conveniently when interpreting~
▲The Maya totem prototype is on the character’s talent and trait card
▲Two blank character cards among the character talent and trait cards
Card box:
1. Removed the white frame on the back to make the picture more complete without any sense of limitation.
2. Change the original barcode to a universal international barcode.
3. The logo and text on the front and side are partially glazed, which greatly improves the texture.
Instructions: Make a more accurate comparison and correction of the corresponding prototypes and Maya totems described in each card. A little fine-tuning has also been done to the pattern to make the lines and curves softer and more changeable.
▲The new version of the character talent trait card manual
▲ How to use character talent trait card instructions (1)
▲How to use character talent trait card instructions (2)
▲Very character talent trait card manual Mayan totem prototype
Although this revision is a fine-tuning, it actually pays great attention to the layout and usage design of the past. I hope that everyone can use the character deck cards more smoothly and more in line with the functionality of interpretation.
Teacher Yingjun changed her way of working in the consulting profession because of her passion for life. With creativity and courage, she irrigated the Chinese training market in Asia and opened up more possibilities. Over the years, we have been cultivating the field of spiritual picture card media, integrating the two ends of the body, mind, soul and consulting professions; starting from the beautiful land of Taiwan, we have gathered and developed localized and localized creativity.

The "Character Talents and Traits Cards" represent stories full of vitality. I hope that through the cards, they can enter your life and deeply touch your heart.

If you are also interested in the use or operation of many character talent trait cards, or even want to use the cards for one-on-one consultation, leading small group activities or leading multi-person courses, you are welcome to attend 1/6~1/2018 7 Teacher Yingjun's "Card Leader" training workshop: Very character talent and trait cards.

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