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Sky ball green (double shot)

Sky ball green (double shot)

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Product Content: Ball x2

Racket x2

Ferris ball environmental protection bag x1

Combining the technologies and advantages of badminton and baseball, it is an emerging sport suitable for men, women and children of all ages to participate in. Because the ball itself does not weigh much, it will not be injured when hit, making it exciting and safe.

In order to take advantage of the zigzag curve track on the racket and the textured ball on the surface when swinging, the friction force generated when the ball slides across the track causes the ball to spin quickly and fly out. By adjusting the wrist force and pitching angle, it can produce the following: Changes like a baseball pitcher's pitch, including fly balls, floaters, curve balls...etc., which are full of fun and have the effect of strengthening the body.

Changes in the gameplay of Magic Ball:

  • Flying ball: The ball can fly from one side to the other. The average person can hit the ball 15-20 feet.
  • Fly ball: This is a ball path that is not afraid of the wind and has speed and angle.
  • Floating ball: Use your wrist to throw it straight. The ball will initially fly out flat, and when it reaches the opponent, it will float slightly upward, making it difficult for the opponent to parry.
  • Curved ball: Hold the racket to the side and swing the ball sideways to control the angle of force application


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