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[Get Packing] Test your sharp eyesight and quick hands

[Get Packing] Test your sharp eyesight and quick hands

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Are you a storage expert? During the peak travel season, everyone is going abroad to get some fresh air, so pack your bags quickly! We're leaving! Traveling to different countries requires different clothing and items. Rely on your storage master spirit and compare the storage speed and storage completeness. You can't get on the plane if the suitcase cannot be lidded!

The game is suitable for 6 years old and above, 2-4 people, and the game time is more than 15 minutes.

How to play: When all players are ready, reveal the destination card on top of the deck. All players act at the same time: Each player must follow the card prompts, take the corresponding luggage (from his own set), put them all into his own suitcase, and close the suitcase. The first player to finish packing and closing the suitcase must clap their hand on the destination card. The other players must then check that: the suitcase is closed correctly; all the luggage on the destination card is in the suitcase (the suitcase needs to be emptied). If the player collects the suitcase incorrectly, the game continues until a player successfully collects the suitcase. When a player succeeds, that player gets the destination card and turns over the next card in the deck.

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