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Baseball combination series TEE-BALL

Baseball combination series TEE-BALL

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Product contains:

1 set of heavy impact seats

1 Lele bat

LeLe Baseball 1 piece

LeLe Baseball is a baseball-like sport that uses specific foam bats and PU material baseballs. The ball is not thrown by the pitcher but placed on the batting stand, and the batter swings the bat to hit the ball. LeLe Baseball has the characteristics of not being able to hit far, not breaking glass, and not getting hurt if hit. It has the characteristics of "safety of equipment, unrestricted venue, everyone can play, multiple ways of playing, selective competition system, fun teaching, and "Suitable for both men and women, old and young", it can be played in general campuses or gymnasiums. It is safe and does not take up space. It is very suitable for school activities in small and medium-sized urban playgrounds.

Hitting and base-running regulations

All games are played on a striker's seat.

1. The official game is played in 3 rounds, with 1-9 bats used in each round to complete one round, with no limit of 3 outs.

2. The starting nine players can play one more time, and the batting order cannot be changed.

3. No touching or illegal hitting is allowed. Violators will be counted as one good ball.

4. If the ball hit does not exceed the 5-meter line on the court, it is considered a foul ball and will be counted as a strike.

5. If a player swings the bat after two strikes or hits a foul ball, it will be ruled out as a three-strike ball.

6. If the bat is thrown, the player will not be ruled out, but a warning must be given that if the bat is thrown again, a forced substitution will be required.

7. The offensive team must step on the orange safety base when rushing to the base, and the defensive team must step on the white base.

8. Each base can be charged, but base sliding is not allowed. Base sliding will result in an out.

9. The runner must step on the base after reaching the base. He cannot leave the base or steal the base. He can only leave the base after the batter hits the ball. Violators will be out.

10. When a runner runs to the next base and steps on the 5-meter non-return line, he must continue forward unless there is another runner at that base, in which case he can move back.

11. When the last bat of each inning results in an out (same as the third out in baseball), the game ends with a dead ball. If the out is in a blocked state, the runner on third base returning to home plate to score will not be counted, and it will be recorded as third base having a base left.

12. Before the start of the second inning, the runner with a base in the previous inning must first stand on the base.

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