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【Dr.Microbe】A board game specially designed for children

【Dr.Microbe】A board game specially designed for children

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"Dr. Microbe" is a board game designed specifically for children. The gameplay focuses on "shape and color recognition" and "basic logic" cultivation. Follow the requirements on the task card to pick out designated bacteria from among them. Put the bacteria into the correct position in the petri dish, then identify the missing shapes and colors in the petri dish, and add them to the petri dish to complete the experimental results. At the same time, research rules must not be violated. The first person to complete 5 research cards wins. Be the first to win the praise of Dr. Bacteria!

Children can use pliers to pick up designated objects, train their small muscle development, and their ability to observe colors and shapes, as well as develop basic logical thinking.

Each round, a task card will be revealed on the table. All players will follow the task requirements, take pliers from the supply area, and pick up bacteria of corresponding colors and shapes into their own petri dishes. The player who completes the task will be the first to shout Say "I understand!" to get points.

In addition to basic rules, the game also has built-in advanced rules. During the game, players can pick up "super bacteria" and put them into other players' cultures to interfere with research. When the culture dish contains super bacteria, they cannot shout "I understand!" The superbug must be transferred to someone else as quickly as possible to complete the mission.

Numbers of players: 2-4 players/Player

Suitable age/Age: 8+

Game time/Playing time: 15 minutes/MIN

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