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[Trial By Trolley] Carnage Party Game

[Trial By Trolley] Carnage Party Game

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The Ultimate Trial-Trolley Problem Trial By Trolley

British philosopher Philippa Ford first proposed the "Trolley Problem" in mid-1967, a party game about moral dilemmas and trolley massacres.

You are a tram driver and you are driving a high-speed tram on the rails. Suddenly you see five people tied to the rails in front of you. It is too late to brake, but you can choose to turn to the other side. The rails on the other side are only tied. Would you choose to turn to someone alone?

The remaining players are divided into two teams, and they have to try to convince the train conductor to let go of the people on their own tracks and run over everyone on the enemy team's tracks! Players take turns being the conductor of a selected track. The other players divided into two teams and placed the [Good Person Card] on their own tracks, making the train conductor unable to bear the choice. Place the [Villain Card] on the opponent's track and let the train conductor crush the villain to death. Finally, add [Characteristic Card] to the character to create a dramatic plot reversal.

Great fun for the whole family!

Number of players: 3~13 people

Optimal number of people: 5 or 7 people

Preparation time: 5~10 minutes

Game time: 30~90 minutes

Game Type: Party

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