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[Master of Nose Painting] How do you think your nose skills are?

[Master of Nose Painting] How do you think your nose skills are?

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【Master of Nose Painting】
Do you think your painting skills are extraordinary? Nose Painting Master is a hilarious, nose-drawing party game. Players will wear a pair of special glasses with a paintbrush at the end of their nose. After conceiving the theme of the question card, they will hold the drawing board, twist their head and wrists, and draw the image in their mind, and let others guess the answer! I don’t know if I haven’t tried it. Maybe your nose can draw better than your hands!

Use special glasses to paint so that people can guess what they are doing.

Shuffle the question cards evenly and place them face down in the center of the table.

The starting player takes a drawing board, glasses, and makes sure that all players can see him or her.

Draw a question card, you can only see the question content yourself, and insert it into the card slot of the drawing board.

Time it for 3 minutes, put on your glasses and start drawing on the drawing board.

For fun, avoid writing words or numbers, or verbally indicating any information.

Other players can guess the answer at any time. When a player guesses correctly, remove the question card and replace it with another one to continue drawing.

When 3 minutes are up, stop drawing and hand the drawing props to the next player.

After each player has served as an artist, the game ends and scores are tallied.

Each correctly guessed question card counts as 1 point, and the player with the highest total score wins.

※For more game details and variant rules, please refer to the manual!

Number of players: 3-10 people

Game time: 15 minutes

Suitable age: 6+

Accessories content

Wipeable drawing board x 1

Paintbrush glasses (with strap) x 1

Connection assembly (for 15mm diameter whiteboard markers) x 1

Whiteboard marker x 1

eraser x 1

Question board x 90

Instructions (Chinese/English)

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