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【Party Board Game】Wolf is coming! WoooIf Bono light!

【Party Board Game】Wolf is coming! WoooIf Bono light!

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Oops! The cunning big bad wolf has sneaked into the farmhouse! It may have been secretly disguised as a sheep, hunter or hound! In order to confuse the big bad wolf, people and animals in the farmhouse also started to disguise themselves. As a result, no one could tell who was who! At this time, the shepherd kid actually took the opportunity to cause trouble, shouting "Wolf is coming! Wolf is coming!!" everywhere, causing everyone an even bigger headache! The hunter and the hound, as well as the shepherd child who is careful to talk nonsense, each must carefully find out the true identity of the other. In the end, will the big wild wolf catch the real sheep, or will the sheep find the hunter and hound to protect itself?

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