Freight and Product Shipping Policy

How is shipping calculated?

Amount of consumption Shipping fee (HKD)
299 yuan or less 30 yuan
300 yuan to 499 yuan 50 RMB
500 yuan to 799 yuan 70 yuan
800 yuan or above free shipping*

* Because the transportation of large goods is different from standard goods, large goods (such as turf, aluminum bag and ball panels) will be charged HKD 100 for shipping per item.

Where do we ship to?

Loklibuy's delivery services cover most residential and industrial and commercial areas in Hong Kong. (Except outlying islands, Lantau Island, Ma Wan, Kwun Yam Shan Village, any controlled areas and areas where trucks are prohibited from entering, logistics warehouses, transit warehouses, warehouses where you need to queue up to pick up or deliver goods, and warehouses where entry fees or registration fees are required. )

What shipping method can you choose?

Loklibuy provides delivery services through Jumppoint. Service options include direct delivery at locations and self-pickup at self-pickup points (including more than 1,000 self-pickup points).

Jumppoint self-pickup point reference URL

In addition, we will use shipping companies such as LalaMove in response to special circumstances, such as large goods. Loklibuy only accepts switching to other shipping companies after negotiation.

How long will it take for the order to be shipped after it is placed? How long does it take to be delivered?

After Loklibuy successfully places an order and receives complete shipping information, it will be shipped the next working day. It will take approximately 4 to 5 working days to reach the destination. (Product delivery time may be delayed due to unsafe weather conditions)