privacy policy

LOKLI BUY™ online shopping store ( Play Yeah Partyland Limited ) (hereinafter referred to as "the Company") attaches great importance to the privacy of users. The personal information collected by the Company from you complies with the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, Chapter 486 of the Laws of Hong Kong Regulation.

Purpose of collecting personal data

The purpose of collecting personal data is:
● Handle your delivery services.
● Help you enjoy our company's personal online services.
● Provide you with the latest offers and information that are more suitable for you.
● Provide you with the latest and more thoughtfully designed services.

security guard

Our company keeps customers' personal information absolutely confidential and will not sell, distribute or disclose it to third parties. The company reserves the right to use other information other than personal information, such as online questions, comments, suggestions, etc.

Security handling of personal data

Our company attaches great importance to the confidentiality of personal information. We will handle relevant personal information properly and carefully and keep it confidential.

The company uses cookies on this online platform for the following processes:
● Encryption technology.
● Ensure that customers can browse here and add items to their personal shopping basket.
● Create personalized online services for customers.

Legal Notices (Legal Notices) and Statements

Please read this statement carefully before using this webpage. When you use this webpage or any part of it, it means that you have read this statement and the company's terms and conditions, and accept and agree to be bound by these terms and conditions, and this The company reserves the right to change the terms and conditions without prior notice.

intellectual property

All texts, images, symbols, pictures and designs on the Company's online platform are patented, and the trademarks and any intellectual property rights related to the Company are owned by the Company and may not be reproduced or borrowed by others.


The information published on this platform is for reference only. The Company does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, availability of goods and services of the information. The Company reserves the right to change all contents without prior notice.

The Company will not be liable for any losses caused by users' reference to online information (including errors, misstatements, omissions, defamation, dishonesty or other information expressed or implied).

Submit to law where reasonable

All disputes arising from the use of this platform will be subject to the laws of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and will be transferred to the judicial proceedings of Hong Kong with the consent of you and the Company.