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輕微瑕疵LEGO Education 45026 : Tubes 管道系列

輕微瑕疵LEGO Education 45026 : Tubes 管道系列

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LEGO DUPLO Tubes Experiment Set – 45026

This DUPLO Tubes set from LEGO Education comes with several inspirational materials. You can use the inbox cards to get the children’s imagination going.

Unleash children’s imaginations with Tubes!

Inspire early learners to develop their 21st century skills as they explore a world of fun animals made from tubes and other colourful LEGO DUPLO elements:

• 150 LEGO DUPLO elements, including colourful tubes, bricks, 6 balls, doors and baskets, for unlimited playful learning and creative fun for preschoolers.
• Comes with 6 inspiration cards to create fun buildable animals and a Getting Started card for teachers with 5 activity ideas for a great start to fun classroom activities.
• Develops essential 21st century skills such as problem-solving, collaboration and fine motor skills, and introduces cause and effect, symmetry and 3D shape recognition.
• Create funny and playful creatures that are easy to build.
• Part of the LEGO Education Early Learning system of holistic learning for preschoolers.


Learning Values:

· Exploring input and output
· Experimenting with cause and effect
· Explore what if, how to, I wonder what happens
· Explore the concepts of positions and gravity

This LEGO DUPLO Tubes set is suitable for groups of 2 – 4 children. Ideal for day care centers and other pre-school institutions. Age indication: 2 – 6 years

LEGO 45026 是一套名為 “Tubes” 的 LEGO Education DUPLO 系列,專為激發孩子們的創造力和學習潛能而設計。




總的來說,LEGO 45026 “Tubes” 積木套裝是一個有趣且具有教育意義的玩具,可以幫助孩子們在遊戲中學習物理學的基本原理,如重力和動量,同時提高他們的動手能力和解決問題的技能。這套積木適合3歲及以上的兒童使用,並且

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