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[Board Game] Dany’s sub-personality Dany

[Board Game] Dany’s sub-personality Dany

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【Game Introduction】
Play as Dani's main personality or one of his sub-personalities

As Dani's personalities play hide-and-seek with their memories, all sub-personalities must communicate and cooperate with each other to find the right answers in order to continue to exist.
Dani must do his best to prevent the sub-personalities from succeeding without revealing his identity, and make the noisy voices disappear from his mind forever.

There were many voices in Dani's head and he decided enough was enough.
You are one of the voices that wants to exist in Dani's body, so you cooperate, communicate and persist with the other voices.
—There must be enough correct communication with other sub-personalities in order to continue to exist in Dani's body.

If you were Dani, well... this would be a difficult challenge.
- You must do everything you can to prevent the sub-personality from succeeding, and you must not reveal your identity.

Over 16 years old|3-8 people|About 30 minutes

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