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【Family Board Game】So Clover!

【Family Board Game】So Clover!

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【Game Introduction】
Secret Clover! is a cooperative word association game. Please form a team to play the game and try to refresh the high score record!

Draw keyword cards and secretly write their common characteristics on the four-leaf clover board; these common characteristics are your clues. Then work together to try to guess the keywords written by each player.
At the end of the game, based on the number of keywords you guessed, add up your total score and write it down on the "Legend Record" list.

Try to set a new high score record in every game!

【game component】
-Keyword cards x 220
-Four-leaf sketch version x 6
-Erasable markers x 6
-"Legendary Records" list x 1
-Game rule book

10 years old and above|3-6 people|30 minutes

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