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[New Throwing Sports] King Chess KUBB Finnish Tactic Wooden Box Edition

[New Throwing Sports] King Chess KUBB Finnish Tactic Wooden Box Edition

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Royal Chess® is said to be a traditional game passed down from the Viking Age with a history of more than a thousand years. It revived in the 1980s, with different competitions being held and the number of participating teams gradually expanding. Its sporty nature is very suitable for people of different ages to play. .

Simple rules

  1. Each team sends one person to throw a wooden stick. The team with the wooden stick closest to the King's chess can attack first.
  2. Each team takes turns throwing one round, and the number of throwing 6 wooden sticks is one round.
  3. Target the opponent's guard
  4. If a guard is knocked down by the opponent, we need to throw the guard behind the center line
  5. The opponent, the attacking side, chooses the vertical direction, and these guards will become the attacking side's center line guards.
  6. When our side throws in the next round, we must first knock down the opponent's middle line guard before attacking the bottom line guard.
  7. After completely knocking down the opponent's 5 bottom line guards, the team that finally knocks out the King will win.

Leli Emerging Sports Association

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