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[Emerging Sports] Cornhole Set

[Emerging Sports] Cornhole Set

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1. The desktop is made of high-pressure density board, and solid iron feet are used as supporting legs.
2. Safe and solid
3. Can be folded into a suitcase in minutes
4. Desktop size: 120*60*28 (H) cm
5. Dimensions after folding: 60*60*10 (H) cm
6. Gross weight/net weight: 13kgs/15kgs
7. Sandbag games are available.

8. This table set includes 2 tables, 8 sandbags and 2 handbags. The above price is for a set

Cornhole, also known as cornhole, is a throwing sport that can be played indoors or outdoors. This sport is suitable for both men and women and regardless of age. It is very suitable for team ice-breaking. The throwing action can also improve participants' hand-eye coordination and balance.

Simple rules
1. Two inclined plates are placed on the ground facing each other.

  • Solo match:
    2. Each player throws all four bags of his own. Take turns to throw four balls into one round.
    3. The player walks to the opposite board, scores the ball, and then continues to throw the ball to the other board.
  • Pairs and team competitions:
    2. Each team occupies one side, and after the players from one team throw four balls, they go to the other team to throw one round.
    3. After completing an inning, keep pitching to another plate after scoring.

4. During the round, if the bean bag falls into the hole at any time, it will score 3 points.
5. If the bean bag still stays on the inclined plate, it will score 1 point.
6. Each round is scored after the scores of both sides cancel each other out. Only one player/team can score in each round.
7. There is no limit to the number of games. The first player to score 21 points or more wins.

Leli Emerging Sports Association

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