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【Emerging Sports】TACTIC-Round Tennis Zlamball, Active Play Zlamball

【Emerging Sports】TACTIC-Round Tennis Zlamball, Active Play Zlamball

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Round tennis is a sport developed by a painter in the United States in 1995. It was later renamed by the Spikeball company in 2008, and the sport was vigorously promoted. Its defensive methods and serving methods have been studied and diversified.
Take turns to kill and catch the ball, which greatly increases the excitement and tension. Teamwork requires high requirements, and you must cooperate with each other to defeat your opponents through clever tricks.

Basic gameplay

  1. Each team takes turns batting and smashing the ball
  2. On the contrary, there is no player holding the ball preparing to catch the ball and the next step strategy
  3. Until one of the parties fails to successfully catch the round tennis ball and the ball hits or falls to the ground

Leli Emerging Sports Association

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