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[Board Game] Arthur's Legend Quest

[Board Game] Arthur's Legend Quest

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【Game Introduction】
Arthur's Legend is a hidden identity game. Players may play the role of a loyal servant of the righteous Arthur; or a minion of the evil Mordred. The good side wins by successfully completing three missions or correctly identifying the evil side in the final mission. The evil side wins by failing the mission three times and avoiding the good side's last-chance identification. In addition, the evil side can also win by identifying specific characters on the righteous side during the hunt.

Cumbersome voting is no longer needed, but your eloquence and analytical skills are needed more.

This is an identity game that can be played by four or ten people. The game also provides a director's cut version, which is the author's favorite gameplay. There are also 18 characters with different abilities to match, are you ready?

A brand new work created by the classic camp game creation team.

Over 15 years old|4-10 people|30 minutes

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