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【Board Game】The Menace Among Us

【Board Game】The Menace Among Us

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【Game Introduction】
In the deep space, your spacecraft is facing huge problems. Not only is the oxygen constantly leaking, but it has also lost power and can only float in space.

And when you try to repair the spacecraft, all kinds of strange things happen. They were obviously working together to repair the spacecraft, but they found that the oxygen was not rising but falling. Although the reactor has been repaired, the energy has not increased.
What’s even scarier is that some of us may even die. All signs point to the truth, there is a traitor among us!!!

This is an identity formation game, divided into: lurkers, crew members, and neutrals. Each identity marks the main goal and personal goal.
And everyone will have a deck. It consists of a character deck and an identity deck.

All you need is to restore energy or kill all crew members. Or let the oxygen value drop to 0.
Even if you are exiled for various reasons, you can still become a ghost and work hard to complete your mission. And death doesn't mean you fail, you still have a chance to win.

More importantly, there are still cowards in the game who can take advantage of the situation. Will the fate that awaits the crew on the space ship be good or bad?

【game component】
-Action Cards x 275
-ID card x 10 pieces
-Character cards x 18
-Damage cards x 16
-Central command console board x 1
-Mission leader token x 1
-Voting pistol x 1
-Instruction x 1 copy

Over 15 years old | 4-8 people | 40 - 60 minutes

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