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【Board Game】Automotive Engineering Master For sale Autorama

【Board Game】Automotive Engineering Master For sale Autorama

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For Sale reprinted, new experience!
Bid for engineers of various abilities, the three-stage bidding game is more interactive
To launch a new vehicle on the market, the professional support of engineers is indispensable.
As an automobile manufacturer, you must master financial management and employment methods, and understand the psychology of your opponents in recruitment battles and biddings, in order to have a chance to become a true automotive engineering expert!
When launching a new car into the market, the professional advice of engineers is very important.
As an automaker, you have to have good financial literacy.
and human resource skills, as well as estimating competitors’ awareness of information technology.
Become the ultimate authority in automotive engineering!

Number of players: 3-6 people
Game time: 30 minutes
Game age: 10 years and above

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