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【Board Game】Pirate Island Tortuga 1667

【Board Game】Pirate Island Tortuga 1667

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【Game Introduction】
"Pirate Island 1667" is a strategy/social reasoning game suitable for 2-9 players.

In the game, each player will have a secret allegiance to either the British or the French faction. Players will use voting cards to plunder Spanish ships to obtain treasures, launch mutinies to exile selfish captains, and fight with each other for possession of treasures.

During the game, players will also reveal event cards, such as black spots or franchise certificates, to help teammates and defeat enemies. When the Spanish Fleet event card is revealed, the team with the most treasure wins the game.

But be careful: not all pirates who claim to be on your side can be trusted.

14 years and above | 2-9 people | 20 - 40 minutes

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