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【Board Game】Shit Happens

【Board Game】Shit Happens

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【Game Introduction】
The game contains all kinds of indecent content, please remember to be over 17 years old to play!!
Very suitable for drinking and fun
This game is very simple. The weaker the cards, the higher the score. Please see the following gameplay example.

There happens to be a card of 7 points and 40 points in front of you. The previous player asked you
My mother was drunk and complained to me about X life. How much do you think it’s worth?
"30 is too much for you~ put it in the middle"
Then a friend hands you a piece of paper
"You pay for this banquet."
"...Little things...20 points...let's put it between 7 and 30!"
"I X, where is the person?"

Over 17 years old | 2+ people | 10+ minutes

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