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【Board Game】Avalon

【Board Game】Avalon

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Avalon is a very popular camp board game. It has been launched for several years and is still loved by many players. The gameplay is similar to Werewolf. It is a board game that tests teamwork, communication and observation skills. Overall, the fun of the game comes from the interactions and expression changes between players; playing with different people, observing their words and expressions, and finding clues to help your companions win is something that Avalon will never tire of playing. The essential. Characters with special abilities make this game versatile, and players can choose which characters to add depending on their familiarity with the game. The most important one is of course the role of Merlin, because at the beginning of the game, all the evil minions will open their eyes and see each other. They will try their best to deceive and disguise during the game to deceive those who have no information. The good guys are clear; only Master Merlin will know the identity of the bad guys, but he must lead the good guys to victory without revealing his identity. If it is too obvious and he is caught and assassinated by the bad guys, the good guys camp will lose.

The difficulty of Avalon will be a little more difficult than [Werewolf], and it requires more cooperation among teammates. The game process focuses more on logical reasoning and probability calculations when voting. The degree of intrigue among players will be less than that of Werewolf.

Number of players: 5-10 people
Suitable age: 13 years and above
Game duration: 30 minutes

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