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【Board Game】Imagine Family Matches Can Talk: Family

【Board Game】Imagine Family Matches Can Talk: Family

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This is the latest version of the popular game "Talking Matches". The transparent cards are more colorful and the questions are more diversified!
Yan Shai's whole family plays together. The new 60 transparent cards are more versatile than the old version.

I believe everyone has played the hand-drawing game when they were young. You can't speak, but you have to find a way to let your friends know what you want to express. When playing, I always feel red-faced and want to hit my friends on the head to make them realize it. The game "Matches Talk" puts "gestures and gestures" on the table and turns it into a board game. Players have to take turns to be the problem solver in the game. You can't speak. Instead, you have to use various cards to prompt your friends to guess your problem correctly. It is a game that tests imagination and tacit understanding.

Number of players: 3-8 people
Suitable age: 8 years and above
Game time: about 30 minutes

60 transparent cards
120 puzzle cards
24 scoring markers
1 piece game puzzle
Game manual in Chinese and English

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