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【Board Game】Mideer Keep It Steady

【Board Game】Mideer Keep It Steady

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Let children learn numbers and colors through games. It is also a very interesting board game suitable for the whole family to play together.
Put all the wooden sticks into the wooden ring so that they stand on the table, and then the game begins.
The youngest player is the first to roll the dice, and then the player has to draw a stick from the sticks that matches the color of the throw.
If there is no stick of the same color, the player can draw a stick of another color.
When the wooden ring falls to the table, the game ends.
The remaining players calculate their own scores.

Score calculation method:
Blue sticks are worth 3 points, red sticks are worth 2 points, and yellow sticks are worth 1 point.
If there are only three sticks left at the end of the game, the game is deemed over.

Number of players: 1-4 people
Suitable age: 6 years and above

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