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[Seven Wonders (new version) 7 Wonders] Test your brains

[Seven Wonders (new version) 7 Wonders] Test your brains

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7 Wonders is a classic strategy board game that was launched in 2010 and is still very popular today. The box is large and looks complicated, but it's actually not that difficult. After playing a few rounds and getting familiar with the resource symbols inside, you can quickly get started. The game experience of Seven Wonders gives people the feeling of playing Century Empire, because you have to build buildings and collect resources, and you have to compete with other players for combat power, and the game style is very similar. However, there are still many differences in the overall game experience, because in the end, scores are used to determine victory and defeat, and resources will be blocked between players, so the strategy component is relatively high. In the end, it returns to the card management of board games, which is a light strategy board game. This game is suitable for players who like card construction. The game has a total of 18 rounds (three eras, 6 rounds in each era), which feels like a lot, but in fact the rounds will pass as soon as they are counted. Personally, I feel that the game time is too short, and I often stop when I want to build something. It turns out the game is almost over. Also because the number of rounds is fixed, the cards in the hands rotate, and the points are calculated in various ways, Seven Wonders does not have a lot of luck involved. In addition, the game time is not long, so it is often used as a board game competition.

Number of players: 2~7 people

Optimal number of people: 4~5 people

Preparation time: 10~15 minutes

Game time: 30 minutes

Game Type: Card, Strategy, Construction

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