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[Psychological Card] Advantage Empowerment Card

[Psychological Card] Advantage Empowerment Card

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Number of players: 1 to 8 people
Game time: 50 minutes

The Strengths Empowerment Card is based on positive psychology. The content is based on the 6 virtues and 24 strengths of positive traits. The presentation of strengths is divided into three unique response forms: cognition, emotion, and behavior. Make a design. The usage scenarios of the Strengths Empowerment Card include individual consultation, group consultation, couple consultation, family consultation, business consultation, children's consultation, etc. It is used to explore the advantages of oneself and others, thereby enhancing the happiness of individuals and groups. feel.

6 virtue cards
72 advantage cards
15 name cards
6 blank name cards
24 postcards
1 advantage point card
1 instruction manual

Advantage psychological cards

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