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[Family Board Game] Treasures of the Inca 2019 Edition Incan Gold

[Family Board Game] Treasures of the Inca 2019 Edition Incan Gold

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【Game Introduction】
You and your adventurous friends head to ancient Inca temples in search of rare turquoise, obsidian, and gold.
Each round in the game, you must decide whether to explore the temple further, or to return to the camp safely and collect the treasures you have obtained.

The deeper you explore the temple, the more treasures you have acquired may have to be abandoned due to various crises that occur in the temple, such as giant spiders, awakening mummies, fire bursting out of the ground, and poisonous monsters. Snakes... will make you drop everything and run for your life.
But the rumored priceless ancient Incan artifact is here, and only those who can overcome their inner fears will have a chance to get it!
How brave are you? How many treasures are needed to satisfy you? The answer will be revealed after playing Treasures of the Inca!

A skit game that gives full play to human nature. Being too greedy and hesitant will determine the outcome. It is a party game that moves people's hearts and creates atmosphere and joy.

8 years old and above|3-8 people|20-40 minutes

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