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Totem Kuaishou [Artist Limited Edition Children’s Puzzle Card Board Game New Product]

Totem Kuaishou [Artist Limited Edition Children’s Puzzle Card Board Game New Product]

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Each player turns over the top card of their deck, in clockwise order. On the next turn, each player places the newly revealed card on top of the previous card to form a discard pile. Players can only use one hand to turn over their respective cards, and cannot use both hands at the same time (except when holding the card pile). When two players reveal cards with the same symbols, a duel is triggered. Among the two players, the player who catches the totem first wins the duel. The losing player takes the winning player's discard pile, his own discard pile, and the totem pot, places them face down on the bottom of his own pile, and starts a new round with the losing player. When a player turns over their last card, that card remains on the field and the other players continue the game. Because the player used up all his cards first, he declared victory (and was worshiped).

Suitable for ages 7 and up, 2-8 players, 10 minutes of play time

This game is the best companion board game, a stimulating game of racing memory, and training children's reactions and memory. You can also learn while having fun with friends. It is an indispensable addition to your board game treasure chest! A complete game is over 13 cards. The goal is to get as close to 13 points as possible. If the answer is correct, the player scores 1 point. If the answer is wrong, they lose their current card as well as the top card of the deck.

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