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[A must-have for social work teachers] Talent and Trait Card

[A must-have for social work teachers] Talent and Trait Card

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Teacher Yingjun combines the concept of archetypal roles of Carl Jung and Dr. Caroline, adding that everyone is born with different ways of using the senses, and the concept of personal totem archetypes of the Mayan calendar, giving full play to inspiring talents and consulting expertise. , integrating 78 brand new "very character" talent and trait cards. By using Marcus's talent for drawing and creation to participate in the creation, each character is brought to life and each archetype in our lives is truly presented.

Each character has a description of its traits: "I have ______ talents and traits." Therefore, "Very Role: Talent Trait Card" was created to help everyone find their own natural strengths and experience the potential hidden in different roles, so that talents can be encouraged, stimulated and seen. Through the combination of images and text, self-awareness and dialogue, you can meet your own expertise, innate strengths, develop your own talents and strength, and stand on your own stage! These gifted characters are like guardian angels. When we can feel our own characteristics and discover their existence, we can better understand the love given by God, which is like a gift that leads every life to its original path.

In the instruction manual, Teacher Yingjun provides: eight different usage methods + 78 character introductions + Maya totem prototype introduction, making it easy for users to get started. This set of cards is suitable for use in the process of "career consultation, career guidance, self-exploration, talent and potential development". Whether it is done individually or in a group, we help everyone understand their archetypal nature better and the role they can play more clearly.

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