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Reasoning Events (Uncrowned Justice)

Reasoning Events (Uncrowned Justice)

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Number of players: 1-4 people
Suitable age: 12 years and above
Game time: about 60-90 minutes
The second episode of The Millennium Series: This is a mystery story that mixes various puzzle elements.
The story comes to 1900. Your name is Victor Levi, a young and motivated journalist in Paris. In the middle of the Belle Époque, Paris was unparalleled in its prosperity, and there was so much to report! The World's Fair, the Summer Olympics, and the opening of the first subway station! But since you come from the Levi family, which has been famous for solving crimes since the Middle Ages, you naturally focus more on theft, kidnapping and murder. Thanks to your uncle who is a policeman, you can always know about this kind of case immediately, but can you use your intelligence to find the suspect?
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