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Reasoning events (Knight's Creed)

Reasoning events (Knight's Creed)

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The year is 1400, and you are a knight named Abra Levy living in Paris. You have had strange dreams since you were a child, and you are like a prophet seeing violent crime scenes in the past and in the future. You soon realize that this gift can be put to good use, and you start to solve cold cases that others have been unable to solve, so you become famous in the city. When people encounter any bizarre crime, they come to you to take action. How can you help them?

Mystery Book is a cooperative game series that combines digital technology and board games; this game (Knight's Dogma 1400) can be played independently. Players work together to solve crimes. During the game, they need to use their mobile devices to scan witnesses, evidence, locations, and family helpers to obtain important clues and solve the mystery. A set of game accessories can support multiple different crime stories, identify the suspect, collect evidence, and arrest the real murderer within the time limit!

Number of players: 1-4 people

Game time: 60-90 minutes

Suitable age: 12+

Size: 29.5*20*5.5cm

30 character cards

12 special items brands

38 evidence category cards

1 loyal dog tag

1 game manual

7 double-sided location tiles

1 evidence map

20 image cards

1 residential tile

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