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[Story Cubes-Mystery] Rory's Story Cubes-Mystery] A game for training thinking

[Story Cubes-Mystery] Rory's Story Cubes-Mystery] A game for training thinking

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This is a very fun game that will enhance the player's intelligence and hone their imagination.
54 photos designed by Rory O'Connor, a creative Irish training teacher.
Use your imagination and create a wonderful story.

Roll dice to tell stories and inspire endless imagination.

The game is suitable for ages 6 and above, for more than 1 person, and the game time is more than 20 minutes.

Number of players: 1 or more
Suitable age: 8 years and above
Game time: about 20 minutes
Game Design: Rory O'Connor
Language version: Chinese

9 dice, 54 images, over 10 million different combinations,

Bring endless stories! Can you create a story using these 9 images?

"Story Dice" is a pocket-sized picture-telling story-telling game.

Friends of all ages can use this to stimulate their endless imagination.

This is not a competitive game, you can enjoy it alone or with friends.

Throw 9 dice and start the story with "A long time ago ... ",

And weave a story based on the patterns on the 9 dice.

Start the story with the pattern that catches your eye the most.

The goal of the game is to stimulate players' imagination through different patterns.

So there is no right or wrong story, you can do it too! Use your brain to imagine, or immerse yourself in the patterns and let your inspiration flow.

Connect all the patterns into a story. After you play it a few times, it becomes easier and easier to create longer and more specific stories.

This game can be played alone or with friends, taking turns choosing a dice to play Story Solitaire!

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