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【Manhattan】A more strategic game than real buildings

【Manhattan】A more strategic game than real buildings

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"Manhattan" is a game with more strategy than real buildings

It is a building construction game. Players play the role of builders who will build skyscrapers in Manhattan (the most densely populated area among the five boroughs of New York City, USA) and compete to win the ownership of these buildings. The king of skyscrapers in every zone. It is a game published in 1994, and it has been 24 years now (2018). It may even be older than some players.

No one expected that such a grandpa would reappear in front of everyone with a new look this year. Not only was the cover redrawn, but the entire game board and even accessories were completely different. It was like seeing a familiar figure. Our old friend appears in front of us with a new look, but he looks more lively, more radiant, and closer to the new generation!

The feature of the game is naturally these three-dimensional building accessories. During the game, players will build buildings by playing cards. The new buildings can be built on top of other people's buildings. Who owns these buildings? It just depends on who built the top floor of each building, so you can imagine that this will be an intense...

Each turn, you have to decide whether to continue building your own building or build on someone else's. If you choose the latter, you get their points. After four rounds, the player with the highest score wins!

Game support number: 2~4 people

Game time: 45-60 minutes

Game type: city construction, area control, hand management

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