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Japan KISHIS Balloon Volleyball 5 Pack [Emerging Sports]

Japan KISHIS Balloon Volleyball 5 Pack [Emerging Sports]

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【Balloon Volley】|Balloon Volley|Japan’s emerging sports​

Balloon Volley is an emerging sport from Japan. It is an emerging sport that is inclusive of people with disabilities. It has developed in Japan for 30 years. It uses extra large balloon volleyball. Compared with ordinary balloons, it is larger in volume, more elastic and resistant to impact. ,easy to use. Both men and women, old and young, are suitable to participate.

Basic gameplay:

  1. One-handed serve.
  2. Hit the ball down on the opponent's court and score points.
  3. A best-of-five-game or best-of-three-game system will be adopted. The first to score 25 points in the first 4 games will be the winner.
  4. If both teams are tied at 24 points each, the game continues until either team leads by 2 points.

Hong Kong Balloon Volleyball Association

Leli Emerging Sports Association

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