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campfire stories

campfire stories

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Suitable age: 14 years old or above
Number of players: 3~4 people
Game duration: about 30 minutes
If you like to play social games where you can chat and tell stories with your friends, in addition to telling stories, this Campfire Story is also a good choice for chatting and playing at the same time!

【game introduction】
The gameplay is very simple. Players take turns to be the "storyteller" and then tell a story that happened in daily life. The story contains different emotions: shock, helplessness, anger, etc... While the other players are listening to the story, pay attention to the various emotions of the characters in the story, and stop and stop when they feel something. Grab the tokens. Everyone plays an emotional card that corresponds to the character's emotion at the moment when they call stop. Guess what the storyteller is feeling now. The storyteller will judge whether it is correct or not. The person who guesses correctly can Take the gem, and if the guess is correct, the storyteller can also take the gem. The one with the most gems after telling the story wins. It also includes various variant gameplays related to different emotions!
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