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【Must Buy for Party】Dwarf Mine

【Must Buy for Party】Dwarf Mine

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In the board game Saboteur, players will be divided into two camps, good dwarves and bad dwarves. Players must play a card each round to connect roads, frame or help others, or simply discard cards without playing them, and then draw another card to replenish their hand. The goal of the good dwarves in the Dwarf Mine is to connect the road to the goal card with the gold mine, and the goal of the bad dwarves is to prevent the good dwarves from achieving their goal. The winning camp can receive gold nuggets as a reward, but the player camps will change each round. After 3 rounds of the game, the player with the most gold nuggets is the winner! Dwarf Mine is an entry-level board game in the camp category.

[Youth Board Game] Dwarf Miner Dwarf Mine Pit Dwarf Gold Mine Thickened High Quality With Instructions

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