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[Limited time unlock Escape Room the Game] Exciting and tense escape room game

[Limited time unlock Escape Room the Game] Exciting and tense escape room game

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"Limited Time Unlock: Escape Room" is the world's first tabletop escape room game equipped with a "sound chip timing decoder". It is a game where creativity and logic, boldness and carefulness are indispensable!!

Players will be "locked" in the game and must work together to find the password to escape. "Limited Time Unlock: Escape Room" requires the division of labor and cooperation of various types of people. People who are good at communication, rich in imagination, careful thinking, and good at observing details are all suitable to participate. Global sales exceeded 2 million units. There are no complicated rules, which saves time to listen to the rules, and the entry threshold is approachable. Just open the script and read the clues, and an interesting puzzle-solving journey will begin!

This game tests the player's wisdom and logical reasoning ability. Time control and tacit understanding between each other are also very important. Every player will have nothing to do. Some are busy comparing maps, others are counting, and some may even be doing art work and analyzing patterns and colors. Different personality traits can be brought into play in the game.

The physical cipher machine, combined with a variety of Chinese plot puzzle scripts and props, creates a unique immersive puzzle escape game experience for you!

Three sets of classic scripts, waiting for you to challenge

Numbers of players: 2-5 players/Player

Suitable age/Age: 16+

Game time/Playing time: 45-60 minutes/MIN

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