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Electric Power Company (New Version)

Electric Power Company (New Version)

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Number of players: 2-6 people
Suitable age: 12 years and above
Game time: about 120 minutes
Game Design: Friedemann Friese
Language version: Chinese

A powerful bidding game~~
Be careful! Keep away from high voltage!

Want to make money by selling electricity? Want to make a lot of money selling electricity? What a great idea! ! !

Should I use old-fashioned fossil fuels like oil or coal to generate electricity and worry about running out of resources in the near future?
Is there a future for waste-to-energy generation? Nuclear power generation is indeed exciting. As long as you can afford the expensive uranium and the government helps deal with nuclear waste, you can make a lot of money.
Using cleaner green energy will not only protect the earth, but also eliminate the need to worry about fuel costs; but will the efficiency and power provided by this green energy power plant allow all your customers to have electricity?

Once you decide to enter the power industry, you will not only have to compete with your opponents for the most advanced power plants, but also compete for low-priced fuel and build power supply networks.
At the end of the game, the player who can power the most cities wins the game.

The new version of Electric Power Company allows players to have full power again, continuing the strategic height and game fun of the first version, with many detailed adjustments and updates;
Make the already highly competitive game more selfless in the battle of wits!

This game requires good strategy and actuarial skills. I believe you won’t miss it if you like to use your brain!

The adjustments and updates of the 2020 version of the electric power company are as follows:
1. Accessories update
2. Update of map rules
3. Add special rules
4. Changes to rule details
5. The instructions have more graphics and fewer words.
6. Help cards are expressed graphically
7. Update of two-player game rules

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