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[Magic Maze Kids: Magic Maze Kids] Children's cooperative game

[Magic Maze Kids: Magic Maze Kids] Children's cooperative game

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[Children's Edition of Magic Maze Kids: Fantasy Realm Magic Maze Kids]

The king accidentally turned into a frog! Gather your friends and stride through the forest to find the right potion ingredients to cure the king.

Magic Maze Kids is a cooperative game that makes the original mechanics of Maze Maze more accessible to younger players. Everyone controls all heroes, but only in one direction! The tutorial will slowly teach you the rules, and several difficulty levels allow the game to change according to the age of the child.

This is a cooperative game that even children can enjoy, as they act simultaneously to save the king.

Each child has an action that only he/she can use. Come forward at the right time and use your own dedicated actions to help everyone achieve their goals.

Numbers of players: 2-4 players/Player

Suitable age/Age: 5+

Game time/Playing time: 25 minutes/MIN

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