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【Camel Up】

【Camel Up】

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Come and experience the craziest camel race ever! Especially when camels are stacked on top of each other and pyramids are turned upside down.

The scene will be chaotic and on the verge of getting out of control!

As a member of Egypt's upper class, they gathered in the desert for only one purpose:
Bet on your favorite camel to win the most money by split and entire race.
However, it is not just luck that can defeat other players in the game.
Seizing the rhythm of the game and accurately timing your bets are also indispensable abilities to win the game. Camel Derby is a simple, fast and extremely fun family game for up to 8 players.

1 game board, 1 dice pyramid,
5 wooden camels, 5 wooden dice,
40 betting cards,
15 stage betting boards,
5 pyramid boards, 8 desert boards,
20 banknotes, 50 coins,

1 sectional starting player token, 1 rule book”

*Rules in Chinese contains Chinese instructions

Number of players: 2-8 people

Suitable age: 8 years and above
Game time: about 20-30 minutes
Game Design: Dennis Lohausen
Language version: Chinese

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