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【Family Board Games】Device Translator IA

【Family Board Games】Device Translator IA

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【Game Introduction】

The world-famous Formosa installation art exhibition is about to launch, bringing together creative works from all over the world. Whether they are imaginative or thought-provoking, they are highly anticipated by all walks of life.
The display was almost completed. The librarian was holding a stack of introductions to the works and was about to hang up each work one by one. However, he accidentally tripped and all the introductions were scattered on the floor. Which introduction belongs to which work? Now I can’t tell the difference at all!

As an artist, do you have a unique vision? If you can discern the code words of each work and find the correct name, you can get high scores.
In addition, players also have to name a certain work. The name must be related to the concept displayed by the work, but also have a sense of haziness. When other people's guesses are mixed, they can also get points. At the end of the game, the person with the highest total score wins!

8 years old and above|3-6 people|20-30 minutes

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