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[Educational Toys] LEGO self-created thinking building block set

[Educational Toys] LEGO self-created thinking building block set

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In career interviews, we often encounter visitors who are not good at expressing themselves or using words, so I tried to use Lego bricks to let them "talk about themselves" . Later, I found that the effect was very good, and many key points that were stuck were discovered and clarified. Make further adjustments through the actual operation of the building blocks.

Therefore, it was later widely used in individual career interviews, as well as teamwork and dialogue.

By allowing members to construct knowledge, thoughts and feelings into a three-dimensional model, they can generate multiple contributions through dialogue, understand that there is no single right answer, clarify possible corresponding answers from the system, and train flexible Degree, creativity and expressive self-generated thinking.

★ Achievable effects

  • Guide team values: discover each other’s complementary traits and take stock of team dynamics
  • Strengthen department functions: find different positions and roles in the team
  • Establish group identity: team members communicate with each other and reach a consensus on cooperation

★Suitable objects

  • Professional helping workers, tutors, counselors, counselors, waiters, social workers, social service agencies, etc.
  • Corporate department heads, business teams
  • Student groups, those who want to build team consensus
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