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【Oink Series】 Dokojong Dokojong (Japanese-English combined version).

【Oink Series】 Dokojong Dokojong (Japanese-English combined version).

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- 25 Dao Gaozong tiles
- 5 number boards
- 10 score chips
- 15 free throws
- 1 leader token
- 5 gate chips
- 5 summary cards
- Game manual (Japanese/English)

Suitable age: 9 years old or above Number of players: 2~5 players Game duration: about 20 minutes I will protect this dog!

Five cabinet members were so obsessed with the king's dogs that they hid them so that only they could express their love for him.

"You! Have you seen my dog!?"
"I think it might be in that room!"
"No no! Let's search the rooms here!"

They all hide their favorite dogs while trying to find other cabinet members' dogs.
If you don't make an effort to find other dogs, your beloved dog may be found.
But how can you keep your dog's position secret?

It's a short game where players try to guess where each other's dogs are hiding among five tiles.
You want to avoid giving away your dog's whereabouts, but if you go overboard trying to avoid guesswork, your dog may be exposed.
The game is a collaboration between Toshiya Shiina (Xaquinel) of "Caru Uta" fame and Jun Sasaki.

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